3 Must-Have Skills For Every Prepper Getting Ready For SHTF

3 Must-Have Skills For Every Prepper Getting Ready For SHTF
By Mike Kuykendall

You may be an aspiring “Doomsday Prepper” or maybe you are just concerned about something short of a full-blown “SHTF” scenario. Either way, you are wondering what you can do, right now, to become better prepared for a natural disaster, terror attack or an economic calamity like skyrocketing inflation.

1) Camping? Yes, Camping!

If the power goes out and stays out for any length of time, the people who will suffer the least are the ones who have experience camping. Now let’s be clear here – while there is some benefit that can be derived from your experience “camping” in your $75,000 RV, what we are really talking about here is tent camping.

The person who is able to “survive” without electricity while camping over the weekend is not going to have a nervous breakdown when faced with a major electrical power outage. Don’t underestimate the value of the little things, like learning to prepare meals without your Pampered Chef implements or your Cuisinart!

2) Food Storage Skills

Food storage skills encompass a lot more than merely purchasing a food stockpile and stacking the boxes in your basement. It means that you know how to cook from the staples that you have stored up and you do so on a regular basis

Doing this saves you money, as cooking from scratch is always cheaper than eating prepared foods or dining out, and it also ensures that you are accustomed to cooking meals from your food storage.

3) Networking

Since no prepper can possibly master all the skills he needs to safeguard himself and his family, it is necessary to develop a network of people that have the skills you lack. The best way to attract the people you need in your network is to focus on what you have to offer them.

If things go south in this country and we face an economic collapse or worse, then you will need to know someone who is a handyman who can repair things that you don’t have a clue about. You’ll need to have access to someone with a nursing background and a car mechanic and someone who is an experienced gardener and a seamstress.

The alternative is to spend a lifetime becoming proficient in all these skills and hoping that nothing happens in the meantime. However, by offering what you have in the way of skills, you will be able to help others while also getting helped yourself.

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Mike Kuykendall, Prepping Consultant

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