An Emergency Food Cache Where to Begin

Some families and individuals prepare for disasters based on their experiences with storms and other calamities and some can be lulled into a sense of security because the power was only out for a few hours and they felt like they spent money needlessly on emergency supplies. Soon this kind of thinking leads people […]

Suburban Preppers Huge Stockpile of Food


Survivalist Food Supplies

Author: Michael

I have been a little worried about natural disasters and all this talk about 2012. I know Hurricane Katrina showed many Americans how tragic natural disasters can be. My neighbor is convinced that it’s going to happen and now I am trying to put together a survival food storage list. Yeah I […]

Common Grocery Store Supplies to Include in a Survival Kit

Author: getreadyWith one simple trip to the grocery store you can find plenty of great items to keep your family safe in the event of an emergency. To help anyone looking to put together a survival pack in a hurry, check out the following list of items available at most grocery stores that can […]

Survival Food Supplies

Hunger is a bigger issue for outdoor survival than many think. Not only does it cloud your thinking, but it also makes you clumsy and slow, […]

Survival Foods

The only thing that’s worse than being hungry during a hiking trip, hunting trip, or camping trip is being lost and hungry. If you’re conc […]