Washboard Washing


I’m convinced that any topic can be found on the internet, and that, usually, many folks will have made a supporting video.

When I searched for “washboards” on youtube, I found hundreds of videos that showed me how to use a washboard as a musical instrument, and very few that showed me how […]

What About Washing Your Clothes ?

Prepping doesn’t have to be a desperate survival situation where all comfort is abandoned in favor of survival. […]

Do Not Forget to Pack Razor Blades

I forgot all about razor blades, and shaving, when SHTF ! I don’t want a beard; I love to be clean shaven ! And……ummmm…… I like it when my wife has smooth legs…

I never thought about actually sharpening a razor blade. I’m from an era of the Gillette Blue Blades, which were good […]