Do You Have a Preppers Mentality?

Do You Have a Preppers Mentality? By Bobby Akart

It was just another day… then disaster strikes. We are all settled into a day-to-day routine of work, home and play. Does not panic set in?

Not for us. Why? We are preppers. We live by this Preppers doctrine:

Because you never know when the day […]

All About Preppers Introduction Video

All About Preppers Video Introduction

Three Things To Look For In Survival Kits To Make You The Most Prepared

There are quite a few things that your average prepper needs to take into account when they are evaluating the survival kit options that are on the market, and find a good food survival kit for them and their family. The kits that are available out there, for the most part, are going to be […]

Dehydration a Guide For Survival

by Jeff J Jones

In this article we will discuss symptoms of dehydration, how to treat dehydration, ways to gather water, and conserving water. Getting lost or stranded in the woods can happen to anyone and you may find yourself without food or water. The average adult needs between 2 and 3 liters of fluid […]

Water Collection & Filtration for Survival

“Author: Anthony Urso

Water is vital to survival and according to medical experts; the average person cannot survive longer than 72-hours without water/fluid intake unless the individual dramatically reduces movement to prevent sweating. In a survival situation, you would limit activity to ration sweat

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Survivalist Seeds, Prepared To Die?

by Gen Wright

We don’t really need to ask why the popularity with non-hybrid seeds, also known as survivalist seeds. With weekly revelations of additional staff at the White House espousing, let us say, non-capitalist sentiment there are many American patriots that are feeling the cold finger of fear and feel preparations are […]