Top 10 Items for New Preppers


The End of Darwinism and the Fiscal Cliff

Author: Andrew Pugliese

The End of Darwinism and the Fiscal Cliff


Frenchie Shapiro

Well here it is, the day before Thanksgiving and one month before the Earth and the planets line up with the Milky Way. Though many will not admit it, a lot of people are wondering what’s going to happen […]

Preppers stock up on guns’n’gear as financial doom looms


Survival Food Products Time?

by Clayton Doulet

Today, there are an unusual amount of unstable events happening around the globe to mention a few like the Euro crisis, the Federal Reserve as well as other nation’s central banks massive digital overprint of their currencies laying the framework for international hyperinflation. Consider inflation that is being contrived pertaining to […]

How to Survive the Wilderness

Author: Cliff.

Outdoor activities like; hunting, hiking, boating, excursions, camping, fishing and other outdoor games all pose potential risks since they involve interaction with wild animals, weather and the wilderness. The activities are more fulfilling if you are equipped with the right survival gear and equipment to use in case of an emergency. You […]

Bug out Bags — Survival Supplies that Facilitate High Speed Evacuation

Author: Garin Garin

We live in a very uncertain world. Everything is fine one moment, the next moment all hell might break loose. It is sensible to be prepared for the worst if and when it strikes. Expecting and preparing for a catastrophe is not pessimistic, but practical. As a prepper, you should have […]