Edible Eatable Plants

Edible, eatable, it all means the same. I’m not sure I’m ready to try any local wild flowers, and such.

I’m smart enough to know that some plants can really harm you; I know that certain mushrooms fall into that category. Beyond that, I am completely ignorant. So, I guess I will try […]

Recipes – Kindle eBooks – Cheap or Free

Recipes, recipes, recipes……….. I know about computers, and programming, and I am pretty good with anything technical, and I can repair cars, and build block walls, and do house repairs, etc, etc, but I’ll be darned if I can read and follow a food recipe ! It might as well be written in a […]

Evolution of a Prepper List – Page 3 – Food Part 2

This is yet another attempt at creating a viable Prepper Food list.

Just to reiterate, I am trying to create a Prepper Food List for a contingency that includes food for thirty days, for two adults, in place.

I’ve revised my thinking since my last post, and I decided that it would be better […]

Evolution of a Prepper List – Page 2 – Food Part 1

This is another chapter in my ongoing endeavor to create my first Prepper List.

Of the many items that belong on a good Prepper List, food is probably at the top of every list, along with water. In creating my first Prepper List, I decided that it would be smart to start with a food […]