Twelve Signs That You Are a True Prepper

Twelve Signs That You Are a True Prepper By Irida Sangemino

The number of people preparing for some kind of disaster or economic collapse is steadily increasing. If you are one of them, you may actually be a prepper. Not everyone stashing away beans, Band-Aids, and ammunition can bear that title proudly. Being a survivalist […]

PVC Tape for Prepping

There is no no doubt that duct tape is an essential item in every Prepper kit. I’d be lost without a roll of duct tape nearby.

However, I also have become addicted to another type of tape; i.e., “PVC Tape’. I’m not sure how I came across it, but I’ve been using it for many […]

Zombie Dating Advice

Well… if SHTF… this is something that a prepper needs to think about ! Prepping doesn’t have to be dull and boring.

Think about it: (Quote): “Hattie Cross knows what you’re thinking: Zombie sex? Ewwwww. But she also knows that since a virus turned 99.9999 percent of human males into zombies, it’s statistically impossible to […]