Urban Survival Supplies

Author: Susan Hovis

Today’s topic is urban survival supplies. We have seen many survival shows portray wilderness survival, plane crashes, mountain climbing gone wrong, etc. But, for most of us, we need to prepare to survive at home, school or the office in the event of some emergency or natural disaster.

Emergency preparedness urban […]

DIY Survival Walking Sticks

===================================DIY Survival Walking Sticks, etc I always have a walking stick when I hike. I have used many, and have several that I alternate, depending on my location, and purpose.

I started using a walking stick as a comfort item, and for assistance. It really comes in handy when going up, or down, a steep […]

Wilderness Courses (Vignette)

Wilderness Courses

Wilderness courses are rapidly becoming a popular way to learn more about different survival tactics for camping, hunting, hiking, biking, and more. Whether you’re pursuing an outdoor activity or you just want to commune with nature, wilderness courses are the perfect solution for you. Here are a few ways a course such as […]