Get a Bug Out Bag For Your Car and Be Prepared For Anything

Kenneth Sandler

In today’s times, honing your survival skills is becoming more and more mainstream. Just a decade ago, survivalists were thought to be on the fringe of society. But with the advent of the internet and terroristic events throughout the world and even in our own country, being a survivalist is nearly normal!

To be truly prepared, you’ll need to first develop a survival list. You should sit down with your family and develop your survival list by figuring out exactly what supplies and how much supplies you’ll need to survive for a given period of time. A well thought out survival list will include items such as survival water, that is water that is potable and portable for an extended period of time. Your survival water can be prepackaged water, such as bottled water; or it can be a survival water supply that is tanked and ready to be distributed. In ground wells are wonderful applications, since the depth of the well is usually deep enough to not be affected from biological disasters. Having water purification tablets in store would be good thinking on your part; just to make sure your water stays potable and clean.

You list should also include food for survival. Food for survival needs to have a very long shelf life, such as military MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat). This high quality food for survival is prepackaged and contains enough calories to get you through a long day. And despite what you may think, the food is pretty tasty, too. Cases of MRE’s are available throughout the internet and can be very affordable.

Your survival plan also needs to take in consideration what type of environment you live in, or where you might find yourself. For instance, desert survival is completely different than woodland survival. By searching the internet, you can find many survival books that teach the varied skills needed for desert survival, woodland survival, and urban survival, just to name a few. Desert survival would, in my opinion, be one of the more complicated to learn simply because of the harsh and hot environment. You’ll need to learn how to obtain water from plants and landscapes as well as what is edible and inedible in a desert environment. You’ll also need to learn how to conserve water when it is scarce.

Survival books are wonderful tools to have at hand when you find yourself in a survival or emergency situation. It would be to your benefit to have a ‘bug out bag’ handy, such as in your car’s trunk to help cope with an emergency situation. In your bug out bag you’ll need a survival book tailored to your environment, several packages of food or MRE’s, a potable water supply, a warm blanket, a knife, matches or lighters, and anything else you think you might need in a long term emergency situation. Extra clothing, toiletries, over the counter medications are some other things that you might want to pack in your bug out bag. Always include a list of emergency names and contact numbers just in case you loose your cell phone or your battery dies on you. Flashlights, extra batteries, a crank powered radio with weather band, and a rain poncho are other items that would be needed in a bug out bag.

With a well stocked bug out bag and knowledge under your belt, you can survive most situations that you might find yourself in. Educate yourself, equip yourself, and you’ll be ready to face whatever fate might throw your way.

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Kenneth Sandler instructor of Firearms and General Security, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice administration from the University of Utah. He has served for 20 years as a police officer in Las Vegas, retiring in 2001 as a Sargent.

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