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Author: Lynn Porter

You don’t have to be a survivalist to be interested in long term food storage products. Keeping in mind disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the recent devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, it is easy to adopt the motto “Be Prepared!” One never knows when a natural disaster will make you the next victim, and the next person struggling for survival until help can arrive. Admittedly, some areas of these types of disasters will create devastation well beyond what can be reasonably expected to be handled with a cache of long term food storage products in reserve, but for those that are left on the periphery of these disasters, they will need to find ways to get by for days or maybe even weeks.

Forewarned is forearmed. Preparation for the “possible” can be a sign of great sanity. With many food storage products available on the market today, it just makes sense to take a look and see if a little planning on your part is a good idea or not. When it comes to survival supplies, a little logic will indicate that even if the disaster never occurs, food products can always be consumed anyway. It is not like you are throwing money to the wind. These products can easily be a great “take along” for your camping or fishing trips as well as for keeping in storage for a potential emergency.

With outfits specializing in survival gear and long term food storage products at very competitive prices, one should actually look at an investment in long term food storage as a potential hedge against rising food prices. A complete meal purchased today that will last for up to 25 years lends the question, “How much will a lasagna dinner cost in the year 2036?” With prices for individual meals priced around $6.50 per meal, this sounds very reasonable in today’s money, but just imagine what a lasagna dinner is going to cost 25 years from now!

With many online firms offering long term food storage products at competitive prices, you can be sure that you will find unique items that you will not find in your local grocery store. With some company’s offering a 12 month supply of long term food storage products (2 servings per day for 4 adults) in the neighborhood of $4,395, simple math will tell you that this is a grocery bill that will run about $365 a month – a very competitive option when you stop and think about it. Additional calculations for buying these supplies in bulk put this cost at around $3.00 per person per day.

Many of the online companies that sell long term food storage products also offer a satisfaction guarantee. This is a competitive business and those firms wishing to “survive” know that customer satisfaction is the key to their future. They know that the quality of their products is paramount to obtaining your satisfaction, and your order. From both a cost standpoint, a safety standpoint, and a peace of mind standpoint, the purchase of some level of long term food storage products simply make sense.

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