Survival Food Products Time?

by Clayton Doulet

Today, there are an unusual amount of unstable events happening around the globe to mention a few like the Euro crisis, the Federal Reserve as well as other nation’s central banks massive digital overprint of their currencies laying the framework for international hyperinflation. Consider inflation that is being contrived pertaining to food and energy from political/corporate agendas and war drums beating again in the Middle East that could lead us to the BIG ONE. Add the real unemployment measuring index of around 22% in the United States, not what the political heads say. Now, on top of all these negative social, economic, and financial frictions, the BRIC (Brazil,Russia,India,China) countries are leading the way to dump their U.S. Treasuries and start a new international reserve currency. This can be the final torpedo in the U.S. portside that sinks our frail monetary infrastructure with the end result being a worthless dollar. Any one of the above unstable occurrences could impact us not that they have not already. Do you have an inventory of survival food products?

When a confluence of the above events rupture, you have that shock and awe from a possible Black Swan (“the high impact, hard-to-predict, any rare event that are beyond the realm of normal expectations”). The immediate outcome of a Black Swan could be long food lines that many of us witnessed on T.V. while sitting in our cozy living rooms watching the breakup of the Soviet Union in the early 90’s.

The Russian people and their families having to endure the freezing cold for hours to get a pitiful amount of food just at times to get near the vendor to be told that the food supply is sold out. Naturally along with this scenario, the Russian ruble lost its value and the tenacious Russian citizen had to come up with more rubles or another means of exchange for precious commodities. Food was gold. Do not forget the Weimar Republic, a 3 year period in postwar Germany after the World War I armistice that had runaway inflation where some Germans were forced to bring wheel barrels of German marks just to buy a loaf of bread. Due to the ravishment of war the average German citizen did not have the ability to store survival food products.

Now, is it time for our families to have to ready a Russian winter economic collapse? Do you sense the above confluence of events drawing closer to our shores working to warn us that a social civil tsunami disaster is on the move in our direction? Maybe, your wisdom and inner voice is saying it’s time to prepare for your loved ones by storing survival food products such as canned goods, freeze dried/dehydrated foods, large storage of water, increased inventory of medical supplies, along with strategic survival plans with carefully trusted neighbors. Please keep yourself and family from the dangerous degrading experiences of long FEMA (if FEMA is around) food lines because you did not prepare for them. Suggestion would be to set an immediate goal for a one month supply of survival food products including a 3-5 day grab and go get out of Dodge bag. The next recommendation is to start working toward a 6 months survival food products supply (don’t forget the pets). Possibly consider forming a buying coop of survival food with your neighbors always keeping a low profile when acquiring your inventory. Supposing a social civil implosion happens you will not desire unwanted dangerous guests coming to steal and possibly inflict harm on your household due to their knowledge of your survival supplies. Preparing your survival food products plans with trusted neighbors especially if you all decide to stay in your present location can be a lifesaver due to a support group mechanism in place. Needless to say like minded organized damned determined survivalists can intimidate most criminal elements. Always have a back up plan in case you are forced out of your present location. Shock to the system is inevitable. Get ready and start preparing! May God’s light shine on your family in these coming toxic times.

Clayton Doulet gives his knowledge in preparing for survival emergencies for your family by reviewing immediate survival needs.

Clayton Doulet gives his knowledge in preparing for survival emergencies for your family by reviewing immediate survival needs.

Clayton Doulet gives his knowledge in preparing for survival emergencies for your family by reviewing immediate survival needs.

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