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I have been a little worried about natural disasters and all this talk about 2012. I know Hurricane Katrina showed many Americans how tragic natural disasters can be. My neighbor is convinced that it’s going to happen and now I am trying to put together a survival food storage list. Yeah I really feel unprepared. What is long term survival food ? Do I need dehydrated survival food or freeze dried emergency food ? How do you go about storing food for survival ? Questions that come to mind in preparing for such an event are how to obtain and keep a long term food supply. How to obtain cheap survival food. Really do we know how to make an emergency food supply list ?

I didn’t. I’ve started stockpiling for 2 months now and I’ve spent less than $100 so far! Now I’m looking for a new place to store my food, because this one is quite small and I don’t know how much food I can cramp in there… I think I’m gonna sacrifice a room just for supplies, it’s worth it. Many of the so called “survivalists” will try to trick you into buying the most expensive items on the market. You’d be surprised just how many people spend $1000’s on MRE’s… without knowing that this poor alternative to food can cost them their health, or worse! I have decided to prepare myself and my family. It can take less than 3 hours for supermarkets to run completely out of food during a crisis… and up to three weeks to fill shelves again.. I didn’t realize there are 41 crucial item s you cannot survive without when the fight for food begins. Feel more confident in your future, feel more relaxed.. Have more control over your life, since no natural disaster can leave you at the mercy of governmental help anymore.

You’re fully covered for months and even years ahead. Help you family get healthier and happier. Now that they eat nutritious food filled with minerals and vitamins, they strengthen there bodies and their minds.. and wave good-bye to “plastic” , unhealthy food! You could buy “survival” food without any of help… You could go to the supermarket right now and start throwing all kinds of cans, grains and bottled water in your shopping cart, then deposit all of it in your garage or in a kitchen cupboard… and then watch how your food – and your money – slowly turn to junk, slime and dirt. It’s high time you give this one last serious thought. What we’re talking about here is a matter of life and death, so make sure you make the right decision.I hope you’ll make the best decision for you and your family.

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