The End of Darwinism and the Fiscal Cliff

Author: Andrew Pugliese

The End of Darwinism and the Fiscal Cliff


Frenchie Shapiro

Well here it is, the day before Thanksgiving and one month before the Earth and the planets line up with the Milky Way. Though many will not admit it, a lot of people are wondering what’s going to happen on 12/21/12. Were the Mayan just screwing with us in some cosmic practical joke? Right now there are more opinions on what’s going to happen that day than there are on ESPN’s “Monday Night Countdown” (Hope you’re feeling better Mr. Ditka). I’ve heard everything from Ancient Aliens returning to a new Ice Age to those who believe there will be new awareness for humans so that we can travel inter-dimensionally.

Anyhow, what if nothing really happens like a dramatic pole shift or massive solar flares from the sun. Is the human race facing an apocalypse of its own-doing because we have upset the natural order of life by putting an end to Darwinism? Now that I have your attention, I’ll explain.

We are no longer a species where survival of the fittest applies. Medical technology has allowed people with life threatening illnesses not only to survive but reproduce, passing on recessive genes into the gene pool, which is counter to the findings of Darwin. Think about it. No wonder that we have an obesity problem. Go back a couple of thousand years where your survival is based on being faster than the other guy. Do I need to go any further? For many today though, they’re wondering how they’re going to survive without Twinkies. Such is the sad state of affairs we find the human race in as a species today. Chuck Darwin is spinning in his grave right now.

Folks let’s face it. As a species, we’re pathetic in many ways. Sure we put a man on the moon, according to some, but if there is some great equalizer out there and we lose our technology, many of us won’t survive. In nature it’s been said survival of the fattest doesn’t cut it.

I’m pretty sure right now I’ve got a lot of people pissed at me, saying I’m cruel and inhumane. To them I say- look at the big picture. Twelve thousand years ago there were about ten thousand human beings on the planet. Today there are that many births in an hour. In the last fifty years we’ve doubled the population. Eventually, our finite planet will not have enough natural resources like food and water to take care of our ever- growing population. Any hiccup in the Earth and you’ll wish you had watched a few more episodes of “Doomsday Preppers”. Imagine Super-Strom Sandy on a global scale?

So what does this have to do with the so called fiscal cliff? Well for those like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Neal Boortz who believe that we should be able to take care of ourselves. I say to them you’re right – if we were still following a natural order. But, we’re not and more people are dependent on society for their survival than ever before. Let’s face it. If society is kind enough to offset Darwinism, then society should be kind enough to take care of them. I’m not saying this is right or wrong, I’m just saying this is the way it is.

So after Thanksgiving, the powers that be in this country will sit down and figure out a way to keep the country from going over the so-called fiscal cliff. Good luck. If the way congress handled the Post Office mess this summer is any indication, I don’t see much getting done. No one wants to be the bad guy just before Christmas. So all I see happening is letting the tax cuts expire on households making more than $250,000. Why? We take care of our own.

They’re already trying this in France. Earlier this year the French people elected socialist Francois Hollande as President of France. Mr. Hollande ran on the platform of raising taxes to lower the nation’s deficit (right now France needs an additional 40 billion Euros to get their budget deficit to 3% GDP) while creating jobs for millions of jobseekers. So far unemployment keeps rising. Why? Industries keep cutting back to offset increases in taxes. To many, this seems unfair. The job creators should be more than happy to contribute more, considering they’re the ones to help foster this dependent society, shouldn’t they?

The problem is how much is enough and who gets to decide? The government? Society? Or individuals? Hell if I know. I do know this though, when life is good we don’t mind being more generous, but when times aren’t so good then the proverbial belt needs to be tightened. Unfortunately those that are dependent are still dependent and if they don’t get theirs, they respond with a figurative kick in the crotch. Don’t believe it? Take a trip to Athens, Greece. Many industries have to decide how long the coattails get before they say enough is enough. Then they go for greener pastures or just quit all together, like Hostess. Is it fair? No, but then again neither is Darwinism and that has been around a lot longer than human society.

So tomorrow as many of us give thanks for three NFL games, turkey and a four day weekend, remember those Mayans sitting around in Central America around 875 AD and try and figure out what the hell they were trying to tell us. For me I’m going to watch of few more episodes on “Doomsday Preppers” just in case. Happy Thanksgiving.

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