The Pros and Cons of Sharing That You Are a Prepper

The Pros and Cons of Sharing That You Are a Prepper

The Pros and Cons of Sharing That You Are a Prepper
By Steve McDaniel

On quite a few forums about Doomsday Prepping and survival preparation there is a lot of talk about who you share the knowledge that you are a survival prepper. This usually leads to quite a few opinions and theories on the matter.

On one side of the coin there is safety in numbers. You would certainly be in a much safer position if you were a group of two protecting what you had than if you were a group of two.

On the flip side we have the issue of trust. If you have a good survival stash and security items such as guns and ammo does telling people add additional risk to your own security?

I don’t know that there is a good solid answer to this as every situation is going to be different and the team dynamics are different in every group. You might bring in a couple of people that you know really well but when the shit hits the fan they may consider bringing in others that they know trying to help them. if you don’t have the supplies and space you might be on the outs with them and lead to them wanting what you have and maybe even taking it by force.

On the other hand if you have family members and people you trust and really work as a team for the greater good of everyone then I think it will only make you stronger. You will be more able to adapt to change in this kind of environment.

One thing that I believe would help decide to either stay separate or expand in numbers is equality. If you have say 1 year of survival food for 10 and you have ample guns and ammo yet the others in the group have very little, you are not equal. They need you a lot more than you need them. This can lead to issues. Ideally everyone you bring in on your prepping should be able to contribute in equal amounts. If you have friends and family with nothing try working with them to build up their supplies before you bring them into the fold.

Most people spend money every day that they could re-purpose for other things. That $5 cup of coffee you drink twice a day is ten dollars a day or nearly $300 a month. For that amount of money you could start off buying say a 30 day supply or maybe a 14 day supply and make coffee at home for much cheaper.

Also a lot of the items you might need can be found at thrift stores and garage sales. Things like canning jars, military stuff and camping items are very popular at garage sales, so search around to see what you can find for cheap.

Long term I believe that having a group of people or a neighborhood is the ideal way to go but would always want a level of equality that would help people feel like equals.

Each situation is different of course so it’s important to use good judgement when deciding who to share your prepping knowledge with.

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