Why Do Preppers Prep?

Why Do Preppers Prep?
By Lu Nell

There are multiple events that could either drive you from your home or keep you locked in your apartment or house in order to survive. Anything from severe weather to economic collapse could change your life drastically – at least for a while.

Global warming and increasingly more severe weather systems are repeatedly catching people off-guard. Fires drive people from their homes as well. It doesn’t take long before transportation and communication are cut off, and people tend to panic because most are unprepared.

So, pretend your family has 24 to 36 hours to prepare for a one or two week survival experience. For this case, we will say that a hurricane is coming your way, and you plan to hunker down in place. What will you need?

To know how to prepare, you will want to consider the most likely scenarios. Very likely, there will be fallen trees, broken roofs, flooding, loss of electricity, diminished transportation and communication, panic, looting, and the stores will run out of everything in a very short time.

The basic needs obviously need to be considered first: air, clean water, food, personal safety, cover, first aid, and provision for elimination. One must know what and how much to stock up on and how to store it for a time of need.

For instance, the average person requires one gallon of fresh water per day for drinking, food preparation, and hygiene. Public water will likely become undrinkable because the water-purification plants have to electricity to run. Therefore, many preppers will investigate various types of home water purification tablets and devices.

You do not want your stash to be obvious to casual visitors, lest your home become a target for looters in times of trouble. It is always best to stash up, under, and in back of places so that it is organized but hidden.

If you are lucky enough to have a generator, you will become very popular in your neighborhood. They will all want to use your refrigerator! But when your town runs out of gasoline, that will end of that luxury.

If, on the other hand, you have discreet solar-power producing equipment, and you run small electrical devices in a quiet way, your benefit might remain your own private information. And all you will need is a bit of sunshine.

A critical subject that some forget is preservation of essential documents and significant photographs. This is of key importance. Those types of items take time to gather and protect, and some are impossible to re-create.

When life settles back to normal, you will most definitely need your insurance policy numbers. And you really do not want to lose the deed to your home, your marriage certificate, birth certificates, or precious photographs.

While it is feasible to laminate and even miniaturize paper items, there is a better way to preserve them. Scan them all and save them to a tiny flash drive that hangs on your key chain. Done! For double protection, you could also laminate and copy the documents for your bug-out bag.

So, I hope this gives you some things to think about. Taking action on at least a few of these suggestions could save your life and the lives of those you love. Whether you live in a large house or a small apartment, you can implement these skills and enjoy peace of mind.

Prepare now and rest at ease.

Disaster is likely to strike us all at least once, so we may as well learn how to be prepared. At ApartmentPreppers.com you will see dozens of videos to help dispel much of the mystery behind prepping and give clear, easy solutions.

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